Posted | July 12, 2010
Newcomer of the Year Winner

Over at SCORE, Ashley's win was applauded but did cause a minor ruckus with a small group of slim-n-stacked disciplinarians. A couple of guys even threatened to cancel their subs. This is like a guy who threatens to not eat anymore because he doesn't like one dish. But in Voluptuous, where Ashley's anatomy fit in perfectly, it was a different story although some still can't handle her not showing her pussy and more. Her huge, beautiful breasts are just not enough for them. It was a narrow margin beating the awesomely chested and more sexually liberated Renee Ross. The election battle between Ashley and Renee next year for Model of the Year will be very interesting. One of the key words in the nice letters about Ashley is innocence. Her creamy skin and cherubic, pouty face projects that quality, like a Botticelli painting. The comments: "Innocent and absolutely beautiful." "Difficult choice, but there's just something about Ashley (innocence?), and it's nice to see a model without loads of tattoos." "Ashley is a Voluptuous legend already." "Renee Ross and Michelle May were very close runner-ups but Ashley truly embodies the V-Girl look and spirit! Her breasts are perfect, round and full. And her face is so angelic and innocent." Thank you, Ashley Sage Ellison Ellison.

Newcomer of the Year Winner